A.L. Mariani
Playwright, Screenwriter,
Theatre and Film Director 

Winner Best Short PLay 10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival of 2018

 Diana's Ark - the world premiere the Manhattan Repertory Theatre  
Sept 29th and 30th 2017.  

Diana's Ark 

Darcy, a twin-less twin, breaks into The City Zoo and with a knife holds a Panda Bear Hostage. Her demand is that The City Zoo build a​ Noah’s Ark Memorial.
-  A zoo story dedicated to the memory of Edward Albee.


Nicole Miller Marks
   Ruth Solorzano
The ZooKeeper   
Katka Krajcovic
   ​​Ruth Solorzano is delighted to be originating the role of Darcy in Diana's Ark. Recently she has begun filming for a new Web series Down on the East and was featured in a Commercial airing on TruTV for Kingsman, the Golden Circle. Ruth studied Theatre at California State University, Chico and moved to New York three years ago after a two year stint in Los Angeles. She is first generation of both Dominican and Guatemalan decent and is proud of her Spanish speaking heritage. In her free time you'll find her on long runs in the park enjoying the sunshine. She would like to thank her New York family for all of their love and support. @ruth_solorzano_ ruthsolorzano.com

   Katka is an Actress, writer, painter and model form Slovakia. Beside originating the role of the Zookeeper in Diana’s Ark, She has performed in  Off-Broadway production I think I like Women, Vyhnanci, and Janosik in the EU. At the moment working on indie film True Drama directed by James Thomas and Lip Gloss artistic feature film directed by Scarlet Lex. She is a classically trained actress, who studied at Stella Adler and People's improvisation theater. If you think that's all you are mistaken. Katka decided to try something new and start working on her stand up comedy acts which she will perform at New York stand up comedy club as well as selling her first script. In her free time Katka is mastering Yoga, meditation, stage combat and playing with her two Siberian huskies. For more info please visit KatkaKrajcovic.com or @katkakrajcovic
Nicole Miller Marks is a Philadelphia-based director and playwright. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of 21st Ward Theater Company. She has also worked with  Pig Iron Theatre Co., 11th Hour Theater Co., Revamp Collective, Avenue Theater Co., and Allen's Lane Theater, among others. She is a proud member of Lincoln Center Directors Lab (2017), Directors Lab North (2017), and the Dramatist Guild. For the 2017-18 season she will be serving as a judge for the Barrymore Awards for Theater Excellence in Philadelphia. As an artist, she is most interested in how to captivate and entertain diverse audiences.